Men's Republic Gift Pack - Multifunction Hammer and Torch- Cobbler rd

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Another great gift pack from Men's Republic - Multifunction Stainless Steel Hammer and Torch. Ideal for the garage and small DIY jobs. Great gift for fishing, camping and other outdoor activities. Made from quality stainless steel. Easy to use and convenient for the modern day DIY man.

Hammer Functions:
1. Hammer
2. Claw
3. regular Pliers
4. Linesman Pliers
5. Wire cutter
6. Plier handle
7. Wood saw
8. Phillips screwdriver
9. Knife
10. Slotted screwdriver
11. Serrated knife
12. Lock

• Hammer - 13.8 x 7 x 2.3cm
• Torch - 9 x 2.5cm

Colour: Red Metallic