Be Bangle- Fresh Out Of F****

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I believe we all feel passionate about different things because that's the way it has to work. If we were all passionate about Dolphins and no-one was passionate about litter, then all the work that needs to be done in the world wouldn't get done. We need people who chain themselves to trees, and march for equal rights and champion endangered animals we didn't even know existed.

But what happens when we are all outta care? When there's so much to be concerned about we can't even choose a cause. The stress of it all becomes too much that just existing becomes our cause. That getting up, living, and getting to bed is our focus.

That's what's scientifically known as Fresh Out Of F****. A syndrome that has been around for a long time (also known in the 90s as Care Factor 0 and Don't Give A Toss).

Has there been a time in history where we are more Fresh Out Of F**** than right now? Isolation has brought us together in a lot of ways, but it has also made us be with ourselves a lot. And often ourselves is exhausting company. Too much inner chatter, too much wanting to do something and then wishing t was doing nothing. Too many inspired ‘I want to make banana bread thoughts’and then lots of ‘I shouldn't have eaten all the banana bread’ thoughts.

So in tribute to 2021 and how out of fucks we all are, comes this bangle. Fresh Out Of F****. 

A reminder that it's ok to sometimes care about nothing else than the next episode of The Bachelor and what snacks you can eat when everyone has gone to bed. The environment will still be there tomorrow, as will the koalas, and the tax return, and the laundry and all the bananas that you brought to make bread that are rotting in your fruit basket.

Because caring might be sharing. 

But not caring is so right now.

Don’t feel bad for being Fresh Out Of F**** right now. Take each day one step at a time. Breathe. The world will be there tomorrow.