Travel earring holder - Bon maxie

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Bon Voyage to you and your earrings with our handy travel earring kit! Comes with see-through pouch for visibility, acrylic board (no customs issues with wood!), antibacterial sponge for protection and spare earring backs, because you'll be bound to need them. 

  • KEEP THE SPONGE!Our anti-bacterial sponge helps protect your earring posts from being smooshed. Pop your earrings on to the board and place the board with earrings on and spike into the sponge.
  • You'll get a frosted earring board, dense sponge to help prevent bent earring posts, 20 pairs spare rubber earring backs.
  • PVC pouch for water-resistant travelling

Material: acrylic, anti-bacterial sponge, rubber, PVC 

Size:Holds up to 42 pairs, 180mm wide pouch