Be Bangle- I’m Mostly Peace, Love, Light and a Little Go F*** Yourself

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“Sure, I can do that for you Sarah.” I said through gritted teeth.

It was the fourth time in less than 2 weeks that she’d ask me to do something inane - something that she could obviously do for herself.

“Can you pass me that pen?” (that’s within her reach).
I pass her the pen.

“I’m in a hurry for my next meeting, can you put my bike away?”
My insides say no. But my mouth says, “um, sure.”

“You don’t mind if it leave my cup here for you to wash do you?”
She walks away before I even have a chance to answer.

Mostly I avoid confrontation.

I like people to think of me as the nice girl. The accommodating one.

I don’t want to rock the boat.

You know, peace, love, light - all that crap.

But now? I’m tired of it.

So recently, I did something I’d never done before.

I told Sarah - “No.”

“No I will not wash your cup.
No I will not put your bike away.
No I will not pass a pen you can get for your fucking self.”

Coz you know what? I can be all about peace, love and light. But I won’t allow her OR anyone else to take advantage of me anymore. I’m sick of keeping my mouth shut.

And holy shit, it felt good to say No.

My voice matters. My opinion matters. My needs matter just as much as Sarah’s - or anyones.

So this bangle couldn’t be more timely.

I’m Mostly Peace, Love, Light and Little Go Fuck Yourself.